New Veins Enrich Tomahawk and Trundle Prospects

Nova Minerals (ASX:NVA) exploration efforts have uncovered additional gold-bearing quartz veins within the central area of its property, indicating significant gold grades up to 20.9 g/t Au at the Tomahawk and Trundle prospects. This discovery extends the mineralization footprint north and west of the newly identified Wombat prospect.

Key findings from the exploration include:

  • Confirmation of gold (Au), copper (Cu), and antimony (Sb) mineralization through 43 rock and 35 soil samples, with notable high grades such as 20.9 g/t Au for rocks and 1.3 g/t Au for soils.
  • Noteworthy copper findings, with 5 rock samples surpassing 2% Cu, peaking at 10.5% Cu.
  • Antimony (Sb) concentrations in 9 rock samples exceeding 0.1%, with the highest at 2.6% Sb.
  • The identified veins follow a consistent northwest striking and steeply dipping orientation, aligning with the geological trends observed across the property.

Mr. Hans Hoffman, Nova’s Head of Exploration, stated:

Mineralization identified at Trundle and Tomahawk contribute to the developing 35km long Estelle gold trend. Chasing the large veins at Wombat led us straight north to Tomahawk, and the iron-stained intrusive rocks at Trundle was an obvious target just west of Wombat. With a long list of prospects from Korbel in the north to RPM in the south, these new results warrant follow-up reconnaissance mapping and sampling.

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