Cloncurry Mineral Field NWQ. Big players moving in.

Seems the big plays at the moment are all in the North Western Queensland regional town of Cloncurry and just so happens to be Queenslands largest Mineral Field. In the past year or so we see,  Sandfire, Rio Tinto, Oz Minerals, Glencore, South 32, the giant Chinese groups MMG (Minmetals), 

 Chinova Minerals, Moly Mines and the guys who are kicking big goals Ausmex just to name a few.

Ausmex Mining Group headed by former Rio and BHP senior management guys Matt Morgan, Geoff Kid and big goal kicker Andrew Firek, have taken the bull by the horns and have tied up some of the best known gold/copper exploration ground in the region. Looking at what they are finding Im surprised the market cap is not $300m and the share price $0.75c.  

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